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Cookies are small pieces of data which are recorded and used in order to improve a user’s experience of a given website. They may also temporarily record your navigational preferences, thereby making your subsequent visits easier and more intuitive.
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Essential cookies
These cookies are vital to ensure the complete transfer of the website and its full functionality. Without these cookies certain services could not operate correctly.

Performance cookies
These cookies collect information about how users make use of a given website, but they do not record information which might identify a visitor. They are used solely to improve the website’s operation.

Feature cookies
These cookies allow the site to record choices made by the user (such as the language or other special settings available) and provide advanced, personalised features. They may also be used to provide the services requested.

Third Party distribution cookies
These cookies collect and register data related to users’ habits: for advertising purposes, for instance (google adsense) or statistics (google analytics) or to enable sharing through social media platforms (facebook, twitter, google plus, etc.).

This site hosts links to social media platforms (e.g. ‘like’ features for facebook, twitter and google plus) and links to travel websites such as TripAdvisor. In order to manage and/or block the cookies which these sites or applications may install, the user should connect to each individual site in question and refer to the section relating to managing cookies in the privacy settings.

Nonetheless, it is possible to disable cookies directly through your personal web browser. For more detailed information on how to disable cookies directly, please refer to the your browser’s user manual.
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